New LifeGroup Format

Middle School = 9:15 AM | High School = 10:45 AM

Here are some quick answers to questions you might already have:

What is the change?

Middle School (grades 6-8) will be during A Hour LifeGroup; High School (grades 9-12) will be during B Hour LifeGroup.

When will the change start?

August 6, 2017 (Promotion Sunday)

Why is the change necessary?

Growth is the byproduct of unity, purpose, and the power of God. Through observation of our current organization and seeking wisdom from experts, the best move for the Student Ministry is to have designated LifeGroup hours. Uniting each grade will help to achieve spiritual growth, numerical growth, and a more efficient way of carrying out our purpose—to Love, Serve, and Make Disciples.

What happens if I have a Middle School and High School student?

In order to help parents who have students in two different worship hours, we will have a designated student section for both services. Starting Promotion Sunday, the student section will be located in the south section of the balcony. Students that are apart from their families are encouraged to sit in student section. LifeGroup Leaders and a Student Ministry staff member will join the students in the student section. Also, Sunday night services provide a great opportunity for the entire family to worship together.

Will Middle School and High School be two independent ministries?

The change to LifeGroup is the beginning of a larger plan. A transition plan is in place for each age group to be independent from the other. Many events will still include all grades, but new events will be made available for each age group. Giving each age group their own emphasis will help with unity, purpose, and growth.

To hear more about the LifeGroup change, feel free to watch this clip of Benjy presenting the change to the congregation on June 11, 2017, click here!


If you’re a first timer…

Head to A200, (our student building, which is the red brick building connected to the church), and we’ll be glad to get you in the right direction.


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